"Pussy On Repeat" lyrics - SPILLAGE VILLAGE

"Pussy On Repeat"

[Verse 1: 6LACK]
If you're horny
Let's do it
What the hell you waiting on?
I done spent sixteen hours of the day
Just thinking about scenarios of
How it's gonna play out-ow
I done mind-fucked you like ten times
Not tryna spine but you're like [10x]
God damn so tired when the weed done
Baby please hand me a Capri sun
Okay alright hold up hold up

[Verse 2: Johnny Venus]
Got more ups and downs than a westend house
When I let her out
Girl you fucking for the crown
This is paramount
Girl you fucking for your town
Don't you let em down
Scratch claw caning up my back
Like a catamount
Set it on the edge
Ima beat it way out of bounds
Choosey lovers never speaking to each other if they catch me Leaving this time
I might even have to take a bow
Don't be stupid
I might even have to take you out
Don't be stupid
I might even have to take a vow
Dick so stupid
I'm her break from always thinking about
Who's to go selling hella' hella' dreams for hours
I'm that nigga waiting for you off the deep end
Smack that ass three times fuck sheeping
And we take intermission
And we have interventions
And she ask questions like
"What if all the seeds went missing from their mom and pops And they listened to the wind
And lambs that called them around the clock
And left home with their box of rocks
And met up on their sacred plot"
Wedged between your highest self and everything you got
I pledge to be my highest self with everything I'm not

[Verse 3: J.I.D.]
Anymore of you to give to me before I go to sleep
Fuck you right away and tuck you right away
Same thing in the morning
Got the pussy on repeat
Let me know something right quick I could see you
With the fat blunt and some thot juice, Lime-a-rita
You ain't really that bougie
That's why I'm choosing
Them freckles on your booty
I too have came to a conclusion
And 9 o'clock I be all alone
You can ride my pony show
Gon' bring a trophy home
Call the line ring ring
Send text mobile phone
X mark the spot
I hit you with the y chromosome
Finish every drop
And then I mosey home
Leave you in the bed with little jitterys all over your face
Damn you so motherfuckin' messy
When I fuck her she got me distant
Oh God