"Mommy Comes Back" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD

"Mommy Comes Back"

A baby was born in a small town yesterday
He's a magical child with a cosmic death ray
But his mother always wanted to play
Such a long way down

But mommy comes back
She always comes back to get me
Mommy comes back, she always comes back
And she never will forget me now

The baby grows up
And soon becomes a kid
Spends his whole life explaining
The things that his mother did
Then they say she went
And drowned
Such a long way down

When she came up
She'd looked better
"Look, dear, I made you a sweater"

Now it's all done
They live up in Monticello
With some pizza pockets
Some papers and a case of mello-yellow
But don't go in celloe - such a long way
Run when you hear the cello
You're in for a long stay
Hey, hey