"Ain't Dead Yet" lyrics - STEEL PANTHER

"Ain't Dead Yet"

I'm a little worse for wear
And I'm losing all my hair
And my six pack became a keg
But the girls don't seem to care
Can't shoot the jizz no more
It just dribbles onto the whore
I just met

But I ain't dead yet

Well the debt keeps piling up
Shoulda signed the damn prenup
Took a cue from old Kid Rock
They want your money not your cock
And the coffers are running low
But I'm still snorting all the blow
You bet

'Cause I ain't dead yet

If you walked one mile in these shoes
You would understand the blues
'Cause this old rocker has paid his dues
This old rocker has paid his dues

Well the sun is setting fast
The party was not meant to last
I'm gonna play my final show
And scour the crowd for an eager ho
And give my very last backstage pass
So I can ravage that juicy ass
I just met

'Cause I ain't dead yet
No I ain't dead yet