"Big Boobs" lyrics - STEEL PANTHER

"Big Boobs"

I see your boobies and I wanna screw
Lookin' at you makes my balls turn blue
I wanna see you in a little bikini
Wrappin' your boobs around my fat weenie

Big Boobs
Are totally hot
Big Boobs
I like you a lot
Big Boobs
All over the place
My sperm: your face

Let's go backstage where we can be alone
This little doggie wants to bury his bone
Turn out the lights so I can't see
Your big dumb face lookin' up at me

Big Boobs
Big and round
Big Boobs
They weigh a hundred pounds
Big Boobs
Hard as a rock
Lovey dovey dovey dovey all over my cock


Big big big big
Big boobs [3x]

Michael: "Whoa!"
Satchel: "What, Michael Starr, what?"
Michael: "Check out that chick in the front row!"
Satchel: "Oh my God dude it looks like she's smuggling watermelons!"
Lexxi: "What Chicken?"
Satchel: "Jesus..."
Michael: "I didn't say chicken, dude, I said hot chick in the front row."
Lexxi: "Well you should penis in her vagina!"
Satchel: "Dude you know what you're so stupid that you don't even realize that YOU could put YOUR penis in her vagina."
Michael: "Yeah but I'm the lead singer so I should put MY penis in her vagina."
Satchel: "Dude why don't I fuckin' put MY penis in her vagina dude."
Michael: "Why don't we all three put our penis in her vagina."
Satchel: "Now you're fuckin' talkin' dude!"
Michael: "Man if my mom still had tits like hers' I'd still be breast feeding!"
Satchel: "Yeah dude, your mom is one hot piece of ass dude."
Michael: "Hehe, I know"
Satchel: "You're a dick."

Big Boobs
Holy shit!
Big Boobs
Take a look at those tits
Big Boobs
They're really really big
Big Boobs, etc etc