"Poontang Boomerang" lyrics - STEEL PANTHER

"Poontang Boomerang"
(Lexxi Foxxx / Rick Nielsen / Satchel / Michael Starr / Stix Zadinia)

Met a girl on Tinder, About a year ago
Ass felt like a beanbag, stinky down below
She never got a call back, I couldn't get on that fattie
Yeah, I went golfing 3 days later
Guess who shows up as my caddy

Poontang Boomerang, just can't throw her away!
Dump her ass on a friday night
She's back by Saturday (Sing it!)
Poontang Boomerang...

My friend was getting married, I met the bride to be
It was pretty obvious she wanted some of me
I told her just this one time, I would make an exception
Then she tried to suck my balls at her wedding reception

Poontang Boomerang, Give that shit a hurl
But I can almost guarantee I'm gonna wind up with that girl.
Poontang Boomerang, Thought about going gay
But Boomerang wang is even worse, they say!

You can chuck that whore
If you don't wanna fuck no more
But you better watch out Jack
'Cause that ass is comin' back
If you're tired of gettin' it around
You can take the next bus outta town
But you can't get far enough away
That bitch will find you any day
Change your name and cut your hair
Move away to Timbuktu
But I'm telling you right now
That boomerang tang will follow you
You can chuck that whore
If you don't wanna fuck no more
But you better look out Jack
'Cause that ass is comin' back

Poontang Boomerang, That shit never fails!
Sure as a bear shits in the woods, and sail boats have sails
Poontang Boomerang, Better wise up real quick!
Bo-bo-boomerang is out there dangerous, down under on your dick
Poontang Boomerang, Oh yeah!
Poontang Boomerang
Poontang Boomerang
Poontang Boomerang
Aw yeah!