"Danger Comeback" lyrics - STEELER

"Danger Comeback"

Mikrochip faces controlling your fate
Coldness... all around
Eyeballs are burning from endless TV
Robots... spinning us down

[Chorus 1:]
Wake up... just to find that you've got a mechanical arm
Wasn't there yesterday!
Reach out... to hold your chemistry
Made baby in gas

[Chorus 2:]
Danger comeback
Danger comeback
Power on/off
Rely on... machinery
Danger comeback
Danger comeback
System melt down... for all eternity

Colourful cables create atmosphere
Hardware... scenery
Satellite teachers are sent far from here
Shining... down on earth on the screens

[Chorus 1 and 2]

For all eternity

[Chorus 2]

Danger comeback
Danger comeback
System melt down for all eternity