"Demon Lover" lyrics - STEELEYE SPAN

"Demon Lover"

Where have you been my long lost love
This seven long years and more
Seeking gold for thee my love
And riches of great store

I might have married a king's daughter
Far far beyond the sea
But I refused the golden crown
All for the love of thee

What have you to keep me with
If I with you should go
If I forsake my husband dear
And my young son also

Chorus I'll show you where the white lilies grow
On the banks of Italy
I'll show you where the white fishes swim
At the bottom of the sea
Seven ships all on the sea
The eighth brought me to land
With four and twenty mariners
And music on every hand

She set her foot upon the ship
No mariners could behold
The sails were of the shining silk
The masts of beaten gold


Oh what are you high hills
The sun shines sweetly in
Those are the hills of heaven my love
Where you will never win


What is that mountain yonder there
Where evil winds do blow
Yonder's the mountain of hell he cried
Where you and I must go

He took her up to the top mast high
To see what he could see
He sunk the ship in a flash of fire
To the bottom of the sea