"Horkstow Grange" lyrics - STEELEYE SPAN

"Horkstow Grange"

In Horkstow Grange there lived and old miser
You all do know him as I have heard say
It's him on his men that was named John Bowlin
And they fell out one market day

With a blackthorn stick old Steeleye struck him
As oft times he had threatened before
John Bowlin turned round all in a passion
And knocked old Steeleye into the floor.

Old Steeleye Span he was filled with John Bowlin
It happened to be on a market day
Old Steeleye swore with all his vengeance
He would swear his life away.

Pity them what see him suffer
Pity poor old Steeleye Span
John Bowlin's deeds they will be remembered
Pity poor old Steeleye Span
Pity poor old Steeleye Span.