"Peace On The Border" lyrics - STEELEYE SPAN

"Peace On The Border"

After the riding we dispersed,
We drifted home in twos and threes.
Through cold and rain we spat and cursed,
This ancient war of families.

Armies past and then returned,
They killed and raped, they stole and burnt.
So from the cradle we have learnt,
To be as hard as stone.
And learned to stand alone.

They are gone now, the killing and disorder,
They're just ghosts now, the brigand and marauder.
And we give thanks for peace on the border,
We give thanks for peace on the border.

Cloak and dagger, crime on crime,
Anarchy in the borderlands.
The king's men came with a valentine,
To break to power of the border clans.

Some were hung, some sent away,
To Ireland and the low countries.
Great was the price they had to pay,
God bless their memory,
And god bless you and me.

The broken towers that stand today,
Stand for peace and order.
Reminding us until the day,
That we need no more borders.