"The Cruel Mother" lyrics - STEELEYE SPAN

"The Cruel Mother"

There was a lady lived in York
She stabbed her baby to the heart
She drew a scarf from off her head
She bound the baby's hands and legs.

She drew a knife long and sharp
She stabbed the baby to the heart
She wiped the knife upon the grass
The more she wiped, the blood ran fast.

As she was going to her father's hall
She saw three children playing at ball
One in silk, the other in satin
The other was naked as ever was born.

'Oh, dear child, if you were mine'
'I'd dress you in silk and satins so fine'
'Mother dear, I once was thine'
'You never would dress me, coarse or fine'.

'Mother, mother, for your sins'
'Heaven you shall not enter'
'There is fire beyond Hell's gate'
'And there you'll burn forever'.