"So Good, So Right" lyrics - STEPHANIE MILLS

"So Good, So Right"

Yeah, yeah, yes

Good when you touch me
(Did you say it right?)
Right when you hold me
(And you said it was good all over here)
Good when you love me
(And I know that it's right, yes)
(It is, hey, hey, hey) mmm
Aaaah, ah, ah

My love is yours to keep
My world is open to your light
Shine on me love of my life (oh, oh, yes)
No place I'd rather be (no place, no place)
Then here with you holding me so tight
Whispering (whispering) soft in the night

So Good


Good when you touch me
(And it's so right, oh, yes)
Right when you hold me
(So good baby, yes, it is)
Good when you love me
And it's so right
When you say that your mine
(When, ooh)

No better rule in love
To give your all and all is fair (fair)
Fair in love cuz we're on our way
(Yes, we are, ooh)
I'd follow you anywhere
Just say the words
And I'll be there (be there)
Got to be there (got to be there)
To hear you say (say, say, say)
Say to me (you said it was good, baby)

[Chorus 3x]

[Adlibs for 3 chorus]

And it's so right, so right, so right
Tell everybody, tell everybody
It's good, yeah
Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, and it's so right
When you say that your mine

[2] Good, yeah, so good, so good
So good, so good, so right, oh, oh
Yes, and your love, you know
That's good, girl, yeah
Told you last time he's right
Yeah, yes, he is

[3]Power, so right
And I don't know what else to say but
Baby [5x], it's good, yeah
Makes me scream, oh
It's right, oh, yeah
It's soooo, yeah, yeah, yeah


Power, power, power, power
The power of love
It makes you hold me
Makes you love me
Makes you screaaaaaaam
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's that power, that power
That makes me walk right
And makes me stand right
And I feel good all over

[Chorus 2x]

Power of love
(I can't say it no more)
(You gotta sing it for me yeah, yeah)
Power of love
(Makes me so weak, it's so right)
Power of love
(Yeah [7x])
Aaaah, (yeah [10x])

(Good, So good)
Power of love
Power of love
(Yes it's that power, that power)
(Where everybody knows)
(Just what the power of love)
(Can do for you baby)
Power of love
(It can make everything alright)
(Don't worry about a thing, just sing)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Aaah (say that it's right)
(It's good for his love, is good to me)


[Adlib to end]