"Rat Race" lyrics - STEPHEN BISHOP

"Rat Race"

Rat race
Rat race

They come from everywhere
They're in your pants
They're everywhere
And they are looking for
Their little piece of cake

Yeah, there's one in every crowd
Who doesn't want to shut his mouth
But he better get his butt
Out of the way...

Rat race

They push and pull and stick you
Then they knock you down and lick you
When you turn your back
They catch you by the tail...

If your perfect plan's a bungle
It's the law in every jungle
If they ask you, just say you don't inhale...

Rat Race

Now I see the gates of Heaven
Hear the angels sing
They're calling me...

They give to me
A Maserati
But I lose the key...

Rat Race

Runnin' out of time...