"Hard Rock Road" lyrics - STEPPENWOLF

"Hard Rock Road"

Well you know it's sold out she couldn't get a ticket
Hard rocking' with rollin' on her mind
Scalpers lurking in the shadows
Double the price and have this ticket of mine

Thoughts of her are shakin'
After 13 years of concentration
She's gonna break out
On the hard rock road

Well the dressing room is lady rocks womb
"What's a nice girl like you doing here?"
She said my parents left me
And school's upset me
I've been bored for the last 12 years
Now give me some recognition
The worlds left me no position
I'm gonna break out
On the hard rock road

She just wanted to belong, wanted to belong
Now it won't be long, 'till she belongs

Come on pretty peach, move it to the music
I love your dancin' and your platform feet
Come on pretty peach, don't you ever lose it
Your second nature is so hard to beat
You got your recognition
But the world ain't a better position
Just shake it loose
On the hard rock road