"I'm Not Drowning" lyrics - STEVE WINWOOD

"I'm Not Drowning"

Black night down heavy on my weary brow
Light shining in the pouring rain
Can see somehow cold comfort in the broken trees
But I won't let it bring me to my knees
I'm not flying, but I'm not drowning now

Keep driving, don't matter if the highway's lost
Keep running, never turn your head
Count the cost ghost waiting where the roads all cross
Big deal waiting when you get to meet the boss
Clouds are breaking, I'm not drowning now
Drowning now..

Flying, but I'm not drowning now..

Sad old man smiling with a shameful grin
He thinks that we never can lose
Never beat the dealer when he cuts the pack
First back to front, then deal front to back
Now I'm flying, I'm not drowning now...