"What We Call Love" lyrics - STEVE WYNN

"What We Call Love"

Here in this place we call home
Torn and divided but never alone
Shadows reveal what they try to conceal
Here in this palace of broken glass
Nothing is promised to nothing is asked
Nothing delivered when nothing is severed
I love you, I hate you
Caress and berate you

Here in this heaven for fools
It's loser take all until we change all the rules
Darkness becomes you but silence betrays you
I want you, I crave you
I kiss and enslave you

No promises no more
Only the shadows
Badly lit from above
What we call love

Come on, walk across that line
The one that your drew when you said you were mine
Slightly insulting when something is nothing
She knows something that I want to know
Barely concealed but never to show
Trying to tell you I love you, I need you
I rip you apart and suck you and bleed you