"Traveling Underground" lyrics - STORIES

"Traveling Underground"

I've used offers as my guide
A new world where there was light
Strange to meet no place to go
There's only black down here below, c'mon

I've had love and I had wine
And I found ways to pass my time
Many days I spent above
Revealed the sea as I had loved, yeah
I saw the cities and the dawns
And on my back traveling underground

How could this be
From the sea
That's not for me, yeah babe
Oh let me breathe
Set me free
Just let me be, aaggghh

Teardrop lady, in my eye
Silver lips let the answers lie
The many days I've spent above
Revealed no sundry that I could love
A million people on the streets alone
Enjoyed with so many I don't know

How could this be
Oh, from the sea
That's meant for me yeah
Cmon let me breathe
Just set me free
Let me be yeah yeah yeah, oh