"The Ride" lyrics - SUGARLAND

"The Ride"

Four wheels, a guitar
A tank of gas an' some credit cards
Georgia on my mind
Four hundred miles to go
A good song on the radio
Makes the time go by
It doesn't matter where we go
There's something new to see
It's not the destination that holds
A thrill for me

It's the ride...
It's the ride...
It's the ride...
Oh it's the ride

Two hearts in one bed
Three words that have never been said
We got lots of time
It's takes a lot of tears to find love
The kind of love you can be proud of
That suits me just fine
I don't care where we're goin'
And I don't care where we've been
It's not about who's right or wrong
Who loses or who wins

It's not about who wins the race (Not who wins this race)
It's not about who makes the fastest time (Makes the fastest time)
This new stage of grace is just a state of mine

[Instrumental Break]

It isn't all the money
All the fortune and the fame
It's not the perfect hant that makes a perfect game

Oh it's the ride [2x]