"The Miracle" lyrics - SUICIDAL TENDENCIES

"The Miracle"

I sailed forever, I sailed so far, and now I know just what the consequences are
I laughed out loudly, while I cried inside
But I didn't have the streigth to say enough of this ride
Like a fool - I believed in a miracle
I wanted to forget, of what I'm not sure
But I found an answer - it seemed to be a perfect cure
Controlled my actions, controlled my thoughts
Controlled my feelings, and now I feel my body rot - like a fool
I believed in the miracle

Fuck the miracle!

Twisting and I'm turning - first I'm freezing then I'm burning
Laughing then I'm crying - am I living or am I dying?
I'm Swearing then I'm praying - and I don't know what I'm saying
Happy then so sad - forgiven then so mad

Do you still, do you still believe, do you still believe in, do you still believe in miracles?

Fuck the miracle!

Pushing then pulling - who am I fooling?
A friend then a foe - do I really even know?
Love and then hate - so pure I'm gonna break
Peace then at war - what am I fighting for?

And then you always seem to
Keep me - oh so sleepy
So I can't realize - that it's all lies
And the more it takes hold of me - the less chance that I'll ever be free
And even though I don't believe - it's so hard to leave - a miracle - a miracle

And if I could ever take them to, all the blissfulness that you
See things as I do, but that would take more than a miracle
The only way that's left to start, is by looking in your heart
And that's the hardest part, 'cause it takes more than a miracle

Waiting - always hesitating - for the perfect day - that day was yesterday
And the more you're gonna wait - the more of chance that it will be too late

Now how can you afford to wait?

I shed one tear I won't deny it, just one tear and I already cried it
And now you'll see me cry no more, don't even know what I was crying for

There's no such thing...