"Night Song" lyrics - SUZANNE VEGA

"Night Song"

It's 2 o'clock this morning
Every sane person is asleep
I wonder where you are tonight
And down whose hallways do you creep
I know you, you're out somewhere
You know you shouldn't be
Anyhow, wherever you are, I know you're not thinking of me.

So it's goodnight
Maybe I'll see you in the morning
Soldier of the night
You try to combat the new day dawning
Do you fear the light?
Or do you fear the emptiness in your yawning?

So you search for life by night
Hidden from sight
Safe within the night
Lost in your crazy flight
And looking for the fight
That may prove you are someone
But you can't stop the rising sun.

When the sun comes up, the world can see your face
You slink along the sidewalk, outnumbered and out of place
All your boldness is gone, you stand there tongue-tied and shy

And then it's goodnight
You put on your criminal disguise
Make sure your mask is tight
Safe now from all accusing eyes
You let loose in delight
Attacking night walkers by surprise
Protected by the night
You feel you have the right
To destroy all in your way
With the anger built by day
Now you have learned to kill
And you do it just for spite
The twisted rules of night
Have caught you in its game
Nobody knows your name
But the day will come
And you'll have no place to run

Because you can't stop the rising sun.