"Empty Prophets" lyrics - SYLOSIS

"Empty Prophets"

Spit the truth out
Cast it aside
I see you constantly bleeding the blurred lines
Stand offended
Cry wolf again
I assure you we aren't the same

Yet our veins flow with the same soured blood

Shallow words from apathetic heads
Nothing more than empty prophets

I see a world tearing itself apart
And those who wish to profit

It's not the sentiment of your speech
But there are holes in the words you preach
I know I'm not a better man
But I can smell bullshit when it's in front of me

Yet our veins flow with the same soured blood

And in the end
All it comes down to
We want to hear a voice echoing our own
Something to take our minds
Off our empty lives
To know we're not really all alone

Stop searching for glory
You are your own obstruction and ruin
Stop searching
You'll find nothing
Nothing behind those empty eyes

This illusion you hide behind
Is your broken axe to grind