"Enshrined" lyrics - SYLOSIS


Hide my path
Conceal every movement
Corrupt the sight
Lead me back to you
Lead me back

I've searched endlessly
But nothing could ever bring me closer
A prisoner of your own will
There was always something hidden from me
Buried away
Nothing is what it seems
Nothing is what it seems

Hide my path
Conceal every movement
Black out the stars
Drain the rivers dry

Your face haunted me
Your voice turned to poison
A shadow of your former self
Is there anything inside
A remnant
A reminder
Or is it all burierd away

You've followed me through my past
Sou can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

Finally the arms of sleep embrace me

Holding on
Keep awake
And breathe the dust

Bring me to my knees
Upon this tide of fire I'll give in
Let the current take me out
To become one with the undertow

Ripped from my grasp
The star that blessed the sky
Dragged into darkness