"Sands Of Time" lyrics - SYLOSIS

"Sands Of Time"

As the world turns again
Lifetimes come to an end
Days are lost in a void
Closer with every turn

I felt the earth move
Yet grounded to my core
Watched the clouds race past
An age transpired before my eyes

As the day turns to night
Forced into confinement
But no peace will I find
Just counting hours by

I felt the earth move
Revolving beneath my feet
Each moment deceives the mind
And our perceptions of time

Void of being and light

As year pass by the Reaper's hourglass depletes
All life will cease

Seeking the past
Always chasing the horizon
How long before we reach the end of the road
And our names are carved in stone

Endless aeons begin
As I watch the dead Sun burn

Before your demise
Close your weary eyes
In the back of your mind
You'll see the final Sands of Time