"The Divine Wings Of Tragedy" lyrics - SYMPHONY X

"The Divine Wings Of Tragedy"
(Thomas Miller / Michael Pinnella / Michael Romeo)

[1. At The Four Corners Of The Earth]

On the edge of paradise
Tears of woe fall, cold as ice
Hear my cry
Renounce, have you, thy name
Eternal is my pain

Eternal is the pain that leads me to the thrones of temptation
Eternal is the pain that leads me to the thrones of temptation
Eternal is my pain that leads me to the thrones of temptation

[2. In The Room Of Thrones]


[3. A Gathering Of Angels]

There was a time
When nine choirs sang the endless melody of light
Music of the spheres

There was a place
Where mortals embraced thunder and majesty
Their fate lay in our hands

Feel my wings slowly fading (ooh)
Forever lost in time (ooh)
I cry (ooh)

[4. The Wrath Divine]

The burning conflict I'm feeling
It summons me to descend into the other side
And just beyond the stars blazing
A beam light from a red, velvet moon illuminates me

I will devise
From perfect skies, a dark and vengeful day
Faith and mercy gone astray

With strength of infinite measure
The mighty sword divides order from chaos in the kingdom below
And from the mansions of glory
This empty soul cries out one final plea - the end has begun

Our worlds collide
Now in disguise you'll feel the Wrath Divine
Tears of woe fall from the sky

[5. The Prophet's Cry]

The prophet cries
Vast battalions rage on in the sky
Rising from the north - the bringer of war
Eve of destruction
Summon all who have power over fire
Impending doom from shore to shore

Standing on the edge of paradise
I sacrifice my truth and loyalty
Seven deadly sins consume you all, a dance with death
I taste the victory

Rising from the north - the warrior prince (Eternal is the pain that leads me to temptation)
Judgement without compassion eyes of fear
Like the river styx, the gates of hell (Eternal is the pain that leads me to temptation)
"Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

The prophets cry
As armies fall from the edge of the sky
The Prince of truth, now the bringer of war

The day of wrath
Banish all kings from the face of the land
Dominion for strength is my name

[6. Bringer Of The Apocalypse
[Eve Of Sacrifice / Armies In The Sky / Dies Trae]


[7. Paradise Regained]

Looking out on a blue sky
I can see a new world arising
Like a prisoner unbound
I feel the power and the majesty again

Looking up to the heavens
I can see what I've left behind
Beneath the stars, moon and warm sun
And all I know is my paradise has begun