"Pieces Of Me" lyrics - TAL WILKENFELD

"Pieces Of Me"

You say you love me
You say that you care
Can't live without me
Desert me, you wouldn't dare
On our first exchange you saw all the right signs
And filled in the blanks with imaginary lines

[Chorus 1:]
Now all my colors are here to see
You only love pieces of me

I don't keep any hours
I stay up all night
Strum my guitar in the middle of the fight
And I leave town for months on end
To play in a band
Things you said you loved about me
Getting hard for you to stand

[Chorus 2:]
You're blinded by our yearning
But now I see
You only love pieces of me

Are you chasing a dream or a fantasy world
By molding me into your perfect girl?
Don't be afraid to prove yourself wrong
People change, but not for long

[Chorus 3:]
There's only way I can help you feel free
And it'd be to love all these pieces of me