"Dangerous" lyrics - TALISMAN


I never trust a lover but I believed in u
& it hurts 2 uncover all your lies

Anger & frustration u took me by surprise
But I won't let u get away with it

Don't look over your shoulder
Cuz, I'm only 1 step behind u

I am dangerous I've got murder on my mind
I am dangerous & I know that I've been blind

How long did u fake it not that I wanna know
But how can u deny u done me wrong

Oh I will break your bones the way u broke my heart
I'll slowly grind them into dust



I gotta 1 track mind & I'm
Comin' after u yea, yea, yea




...& I know, yes I know, that I'm comin' after u
So don't u turn around, no, no