"Girls Like Me" lyrics - TANYA TUCKER

"Girls Like Me"

Some girls have someone
They can rely on
They got a mailbox made for two
And I feel the same need
To have someone to lean on
But that is something I never learned to do

Girls like me
We believe in
Action found on some secluded beach
It's hard to please a paperback dreamer
Always holding on to something out of reach
Love may never come that easily
To girls like me

Once I had a new love
I gave my heart to
Oh but I couldnt' make that feeling stay
And all the love he showed me
Just couldnt' hold me
Once the magic slipped away

Girls like me
Still believe in
Love embracing on some lonely street
It is hard to be
A paperback dreamer
Always holding on
To something out of reach
Maybe love was never meant to be
For girls like me

Surely there is someone out there waiting

Some romantic dreamer
Who still believes
In girls like me

Oh oh