"Lonely At The Right Time" lyrics - TANYA TUCKER

"Lonely At The Right Time"

I can't belive you took the time to call,
You say you think you love me after all,
You didn't know what you were doing then,
So now you want to do it all again,
You know a perfect way to end the fight,
I gotta tell you it's your lucky night,

You caught me lonely at the right time,
You better hurry 'for I change my mind,
Tonight it isn't gonna be the same,
We'll have the pleasure and forget the pain,
I feel the need to feel you holdin' me,
Tomorrow you can be a memory,
You caught me lonely,
Lonely at the right time,

No, I'm not sayin' you can have a key,
I want your lovin' and my liberty,
You say you dream about me all night long,
That different tune is still the same old song,
I know your lyin' but thats nothin' new,
Don't get to thinking I've forgiven you,


Well if it breaks your heart, I'm not too concerned,
The bed's the same but the table has turned,