"My Cowboy's Getting Old" lyrics - TANYA TUCKER

"My Cowboy's Getting Old"

Years ago he was the handsomest devil in town
Well I know 'cause I've seen his pictures laying around
But he's gettin' old and can't ride them broncos no more
It makes me sad my old man just hit sixty-four
Years ago his home was the wild rodeos
But his scars are the only trophies that he's got to show
Now he's gettin' old his spurs are all rusty and brown
Oh it makes me sad my old man is fast slowing down
He's my father my friend and I love him that was hard to say just a few years ago
Funny but I guess I have mellowed 'cause my cowboy's getting old
'Cause my cowboy's getting old

Years ago I was always there by his side
He'd saddle my pony and off in the sunset we'd ride hmm
Now he's getting old and I have gone off on my own
It makes me sad how my old man's years have flown
He's my father my friend...
'Cause my cowboy's getting old