"San Antonio Stroll" lyrics - TANYA TUCKER

"San Antonio Stroll"

When I was a child down in South Carolin'
Soon as the Saturday sun went on down.
My folks and sister would go,
And leave me home all alone,
Goin' to that big square dance in town.

Well my old radio
Would play that old Opry show
So I never got lonesome or blue
I'd fall asleep in my chair
And dream that I was right there
Just a'singin' the whole night thru.

When my folks would come home
They'd be hummin' a song,
Mama'd smile and say child don'tcha know
There ain't a thing in this world
To make you fall in love girl.
Like the San Antonio Stroll.

Well the day finally come
When my momma said hun
It's 'bout time you came with us as well
Well I had me a time,
Yes, I danced all night
'Till they rang that old crack midnight bell

Then the lights went down low
The fiddler picked up his bow
And he played something stately and slow
And my sister Eileen and her husband to be
They held hands and began to stroll.

I've been away for awhile,
But it still brings a smile
When I think of the way that it goes
Now I'll sing it to you
Just so we both can do
That old San Antonio Stroll

Yes, I'll sing it to you
Just so we all can do
That old San Antonio Stroll.