"Save Me" lyrics - TANYA TUCKER

"Save Me"

I'm not very big and I'm not very strong
I never have hurt you or done you wrong
I'm just a newborn baby and I'm startin' to grow
Trying to survive in my home in the snow save me

Mama she can only give me her love
There's a man over me and he's holding a club
They say that my fur begins a high price
For the boots that they line I must give up my life so save me

Save me save me save me save me

Please be my friend and lend me your hand
I'm close to the end you've got to understand
This thing that they're doin' you know that it's wrong
If you don't stop them soon then some day I'll be gone

Save me won't you save me help me now save me you've got to save me
I'm pleadin' to you save me oh won't you save me
Don't take me away save me save me