"In My Blood" lyrics - TAROT

"In My Blood"

The touch of your body still lingers on my hands
I can feel them burning
Like acid, poured down on me
The rains steams off my skin
Imaginary visions like broken mirrors
The shards are in my brain
I know you'll be waiting, rolling on the sweaty sheets
Waiting for me again and again

The wet dirt grinds between concrete and my feet
The voice of my passion gets higher
Drowning my senses my blood starts to roar
For the need to embrace your fire
I race through the alleys and the realms of shame
Carrying the blazing aura of aggression
I used to be free, now I can't think straight
You're blinding obsession

In my blood, poison of love
Veins filled with fire and ice
In my blood, dirty love

I remember the sunlight, I hate it now
For making my face look so pale
There's no more reason behind my actions
I'm a wolf on the same old trail

In my blood...

Eyes turn blind, she whips my mind
Enslaved to her needs, she takes my body
And she feeds

In my blood...