"Things That Crawl At Night" lyrics - TAROT

"Things That Crawl At Night"
(Marco Hietala / Zachary Hietala)

The night falls in the forest and the light fades away
The wind cries over the snowy plains as I wait for another day
The circles of thought don't turn
The candles cease to burn
I'm left alone the darkness that fills my heart

I hear kind of weeping, small voice but a great pain
The pool of my soul fills with tears that come in rain
There's no one to save the light
But you, who cast me into the night
There is no rescue from the state in which I am now

Just because of you I've come to know them all
I have become one of the things that crawl at night

The frost grows on your window at the touch of my icy fingertips
I come to give you a kiss to suck the warmth from your lips
And I just slip away
As the night turns into a new day
Leaving you to lie cold and still in your bed