"Big Smoke, Pt. 1 (Live)" lyrics - TASH SULTANA

"Big Smoke, Pt. 1 (Live)"

This is where you fuck with the dude in the front row
He's getting way into it. That's you bro

L keep him holding on
I do feign love
I keep him holding on all night long
I keep on running into the faces and the places in between
I'm all young and I guess a young queen
Put your head down low, put your hands up high
Don't try to touch me, I'm electrified

Are you ready? That's not good enough
Are you ready?


Welcome to the motherland
Where the sun gonna meet the sand
Welcome to Babylon
Primeval magic that we all come from
'Cause I [been there?]
Got down on my knees
No don't tell me please
'Cause I've seen the door before and I swear to god
I don't want to feel that way no more
No else, no I won't, not for you

And you're gonna run for your life?
And you're gonna run [?]

Start each day [? 5:50]
Put your face in my hands all the time
What a beautiful day to start the same day again
Not the kind of boy that knows how gotta leave you [?]
I gotta leave you a note
What am I supposed to do? Me and you
When the big smoke comes, I gotta run
Far away from all your problems
Got a [?] about to do [?]

And you're gonna run [far away?]
And you're gonna run [?]

I'm just fucking with you

I keep him holding on, until we find love
Keep him holding on, I don't know
Keep on running to the faces and places in between
[?] I [?] queen