"Marijuanaville" lyrics - TENACIOUS D


Do another one here
This is my version of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville
Little different thought we had to bring it up in to the 90's
Its now called marijuanaville (eh eh eh eh eh)

Rollin' my homegrown smoking a big bone
I look at the ganja covered with oil
Using my tweezers
Got pot in the freezer
Made a new pipe out of aluminum foil

Wasted away again in marijuanaville
Searchin for my roach clip on a rope (on a rope, on a rope, on a rope)
Some people claim that there is a women to blame
But I know that it's all this damn dope

Don't know the reason, stayed here all season
Maybe that tai stick was a way bit too strong
But I got a real beauty a Colombian dubey
Soon I'll be up on my way alone (Lucy you got some splaining to do baby)

I blew out my bong pipe
Ran out of bud light
But I found some stash I had hidden at home
I put it into a blender and soon it will render
These little fudge brownies that help me get stoned

Some people claim that I sound like Dylan when I'm
Stoned but I knowwww that it's all this damn dope