"Reunion / Not So Fast" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Reunion / Not So Fast"
(Jack Black / Kyle Gass)

Yeah, I'm gonna commit suicide! In five, four, three, two...
Don't even think about it bro
Step away from the cliff
You're back
Yeah, lemme tell you something. That space station was pretty rad except for one thing
I was missing my bro
You were?
When we... started Tenacious D... we formed a bond... that's to the death...
You did...
I love you bro!

A bond! Hug me and hold me!
OK, I will. I will
Kiss me on the lips...

Not so fast!
Great, now I have you all in my tentacles. Ah, I'll begin with you and your little doggy
You are the one who killed my beloved daughter, Crackalacka Ding Dong
And now, you shall pay with your life. But first, I'm gonna sing you a song
It go a little bit something like this...