"Senorita" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

(Jack Black / Kyle Gass / John Kimbrough)

Senorita, tasty mamacita
Tell me baby, what's your name
Oh Conchita, won't you have a seat-a
Tell me baby, who's to blame?

I'll fuckin' kill the man who has done you wrong
My body's shakin' out of control

His name is Larry, oh he's really scary
Drinkin' at the fuckin' bar
Tap his shoulder, muscles like a boulder
Tell him that's he's gone too far

He laughs and tells me to fuckin' fuck myself
Now my blood is boilin' over my soul

[JB:] I'm sorry, I didn't hear that
Did you just tell me to fuckin' fuck myself?

[Larry:] Yeah

[JB:] Well I'm telling you to step outside

[Larry:] Oh really?

[JB:] Yeah, we got some things to talk about
A little lady named Conchita

[Larry:] Hey!

[JB:] Yeah, you harmed her

[Larry:] What? Who said? Who are you?

[JB:] Yeah, fuck you you piece of shit

When my fist connects at Larry, falls down to the ground
I see he's cut me with a bottle
My pistol rises, 'cause it's time to double down
Larry runs, I chase him out full-throttle

?Donde estas mi horse? !Alli!
Digame, ?donde estas Larry? ?Alli?
?En las montanas? ?Donde, en el canon?
Muy bien, ?Coldwater Canon?
Andale, hey, ha, ha

Ah, te llamo mi Conchita
Yo tengo hambre para tu boca
Mira mi cara
Soy el fuego para tu beso
Mi amor

Watchin' Larry in his sanctuary thinkin' that he got away
With Conchita, oh my mamacita, kissing him upon the face
I fuckin' rue the day that I fought for you
Now my mind is spinnin' out of control

Ah I'm sorry mamacita
Oh my little senorita
I ?? senorita