"Rosecrans Blvd." lyrics - THE 5TH DIMENSION

"Rosecrans Blvd."

I've passed a lot of exit signs in my time
While drivin' down that long freeway
To San Diego, and point south

But there was a time last summer
When I came down from Manhattan
And though I knew I shouldn't, it was just too hard
And I made my move at Rosecrans Boulevard

Rosecrans Boulevard, stop your calling me
You know I never loved her anyway
I just used her
Over and over

But there were a time when she laugh and I think I loved her
One night on Manhattan Beach I said things that moved too fast to suit her
Then I held her close and dried her tears

Rosecrans Boulevard, who cares what you think
The girl was half crazy, the way she drove her little car down Sunset Boulevard
At three in the morning doing ninety miles an hour in a thirty mile zone
And blamed me when she got a ticket

But then there was that smile
It was really what made all the airlines go
She was a stewardess, you know
Shot down on a non-combatant mission
And though I pity it
Every time I drive my car past Rosecrans Boulevard
I wonder why I did it