"You Are My Flower" lyrics - THE AFGHAN WHIGS

"You Are My Flower"

So what YOU make me hard
If I was harder now I would crack into a million things
Things I didn't really need
But how I wanted so
What a nice dream
Didn't want to wake up
So I kept it dark all the time
Dark enough so not to see
But not as dark as the plans that YOU have for me
So what YOU made me smile
I had smiled at lesser things before I ever thought of YOU
Before I thought my soul was mine
Now I think about me only when I can find the time
Flowers all around
Put your lover in the ground
Flowers everywhere yeah yeah yeah
Nowhere YOU can be found
I have put YOU in the ground
Nowhere is everywhere
For YOU my flower
Better get myself a drink
Better get a couple so I can look YOU straight in the face
Tell YOU that I think of YOU
Almost as much as YOU think of YOU