"Step By Step" lyrics - THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT

"Step By Step"

I was just a joker in a serious game
I didn't have the heart to play
But sooner or later
I'll find a reason to throw it away
Risin' on the crest of a natural wave
That never seems to break my way
I'm livin' without it
But I got to do something about it

Steb by step little by little
Step by step take it line by line
Move move move, move a little closer
Step by step the deal is mine

I was just a runner in a one horse race
Livin' on the don't pass line
Sooner or later
I got to lose cause I'm wasting my time
Lady Luck must have been a wonderful girl
She's never been a friend of mine
I'm living without her
But I still got that mountain to climb