THE AMBOY DUKES lyrics - Great White Buffalo

"Great White Buffalo"

All right!

Well, listen everybody
To what I got to say.
There's hope for tomorrow,
If we wake up today.

Well, it happened long ago,
In the new magic land
The Indians and the buffalo
They existed hand in hand
Well, the Indians needed food
And skins for a roof.
Only took what they needed
Millions of buffalo were the proof

I said, hey!

But then came the white man,
With his thick and empty head.
He couldn't see past the billfold,
He wanted all the buffalo dead.

So the Indians had a fear
There we no buffalo to be found
The magic seemed to be missing
It started to look like a burial ground

But above the canyon walls
Strong eyes did glow
The leader of the land
The great white buffalo
The great white buffalo
Great white buffalo

Well, he got the battered herd
And he led 'em 'cross the land
With the great white buffalo,
They gonna make a final stand

Now, listen everybody
To what I've got to say
There's hope for tomorrow,
We wake up on today.
There's hope for tomorrow
If we wake up today

The great white buffalo
The great white buffalo
The great white buffalo