"Kicking The Gong Around" lyrics - THE ASSOCIATION

"Kicking The Gong Around"

Three steps forward
And two steps back
Then count how far you come
Is this what they mean
When they say just to keep on
Truckin' along
Or is this what they say
When they mean what they said
When they meant
Hey boy move on!

Git it on
Git it off
Git it up
And then bring it all back down
Brush your feet or comb your hair
Stand on your head and run it all around
There's a man you got to see
Over on the southside
If you want to keep
Kickin' that gong around

When you chance to hear
A certain ringin' in your ear
Ya gonna know who's not at your door
Big wind in the kitchen
A rain in the hall
He's a walkin' street corner
Waitin' out on the porch Tie yourself to a baggage tag
Move it out
That gong needs a kickin' around some more