"August 15, 1985" lyrics - THE AVETT BROTHERS

"August 15, 1985"

Jim: Uh, this is August the 15th 1985. Seth is just now 5 years old, Bonnie is just now 12, and Scott is 9 years old.
Jim: Nine and a half?
Bonnie: Ha!
Scott: Yeah, nine and a half. Nine and three quarters.
Jim: You're not nine and a half.
Scott: I'm 'bout eleven.
Jim: [laughs] no you're not.
Bonnie: Nu'uh.
Jim: Okay, let's talk about fun things. Seth, start out.
Scott: I didn't read all my books, and now I can't watch any TV
Jim: That's right.
Bonnie: That was Scott not Seth
Seth: Um, I didn't play with much toys.
Jim: Okay.
Seth: And I didn't *mumbles*
Jim: Okay, Scott. Scott's talking about he was gonna read a bunch of books for this summer and he hasn't read 'em all so he doesn't get to watch TV until he reads them. Uh, it's pretty simple there.
Jim: Seth, what have you been doing?
Seth: Nothing.
Jim: Well, that's good since the last time we talked you were three years old then and now you're five and you haven't been doing anything. Bonnie what would you like to talk about?
Bonnie: Um, I don't know.
Scott: Carowinds.
Jim: No, let's not talk about-
Bonnie: I rode Cyclone.
Jim: Let's not talk about Carowinds, let's talk about something that is important for posterity.
Scott: What's posterity?
Jim: That's for years from now. Okay, Scott.
Scott: I'm getting ready to start a new school.
Jim: Yeah we start a new year of school.
Scott: Daddy kicks my butt every day *laughs*
Jim: That's not true, he should but he doesn't.
Seth: Uh, Let me talk.
Jim: Okay, go ahead.
Seth: Scott picks his butt more.
Jim: Scot-SETH!
Bonnie: No, he did that a long time ago.
Jim: I think, maybe we better stop this one again.
Bonnie: Want to?
Jim: Yeah,
Second Recording.
Jim: Okay Seth, would you like to sing a song? What's your favorite song?
Seth: If I were a kitten, I would stay outside.
Jim: If you were a kitten, you'd stay outside?
Bonnie: Where'd you get that song from?
Seth: I made it up
Bonnie: Oh! Sing it to the tape.
Jim: Sing it.
Seth: If I were a kitten, I would stay outside. I don't know, I don't remember the rest of it.
Scott: If I were a chicken, I would stay inside.
Seth: Scott!
Seth: If I were a picking, I would pick outside.
Jim: You start school this year, don't you Seth?
Seth: No I don't.
Jim: Oh, I thought you did.
Seth: I'm gonna start kindergarten.
Jim: That's school isn't it?
Bonnie: Yeah.
Seth: I hope I don't like it.
Bonnie: Why? It's fun.
Seth: Because I hate it.
Bonnie: It's the best grade.
Scott: It is!
Jim: You're gonna be starting and you're gonna be riding-
Seth: I don't like it because they have five parties.
Jim: You're gonna be riding the big bus. When Scott gets on you won't be left behind anymore.
Seth: I'll be with Scott?
Scott: But you don't kiss me and hug me at school.
Seth: Okay, Scott.
Bonnie: Don't be ridiculous.
Jim: He's your little brother, let him kiss your face if he wants to.
Bonnie: Yeah.
Scott: In the bathroom.
Jim: That'll pass away quick enough.
Jim: Okay, Bonnie you get to go to school this year. Where are you gonna go to school?
Bonnie: Mt. Pleasant.
Jim: You're really looking forward to that aren't you? This has been a pretty good sized summer for you. You haven't gone a lot of places or done a lot of things.
Bonnie: Like last year.
Jim: Like last year.
Seth: Last year?
Jim: But, you have gone and had someone look at your teeth. Didn't you?
Bonnie: Yeah.
Seth: Her teeth is rotten.
Bonnie: I have to get a gum graft.
Jim: A gum graft?
Bonnie: They have to get gums from the top of my mouth and put down there at the bottom.
Jim: Sounds terrible.
Bonnie: I'm gonna have to get braces in a year.
Seth: yeah.
Jim: That sounds terrible, but you'll-
Bonnie: They put 'em in pretty neat. The plastic bands that you wrap, and they just peel off the plastic and they're on.
Jim: Really?
Bonnie: So it won't take too long.
Jim: That'll be good. Okay, uh, this'll be a change for you going to Mt. Pleasant, not A.T. Allen. What do you think is going to be different at Mt. Pleasant?
Bonnie: The people, the teachers, the school, the atmosphere, the smell, and everything.
Jim: Yeah, I think that pretty well covers everything. Okay Scott, you'll be going to A.T. Allen. You'll be in the fourth grade?
Scott: And I don't wanna be going, learning decimals.
Bonnie: Aw, they're easy.
Jim: Fourth grade, who's class do you want to be in?
Scott: Mrs. Peterstaff
Bonnie: Mrs. Peterstaff?
Jim: Oh, I thought you didn't like her.
Scott: Well, I like her more than anybody else.
Bonnie: Mrs. Grose is nice.
Jim: You don't know, you don't know anybody else. Give 'em a chance.
Seth: You know Mrs. Mist.
Jim: Well, you'll be going to A.T. Allen without Bonnie, and this'll be the first time you've ever gone to school without Bonnie.
Bonnie: Well, he'll have Seth.
Jim: Yeah, you'll have Seth. Are you looking forward to going without Bonnie?
Scott: No
Seth: Hey! Why are you tearing up my thing?
Bonnie: Who made this lego thing?
Jim: Okay Scott, who's your favorite singers?
Scott: You know.
Seth: Dear Hon John?
Jim: What's your favorite song? Michael Jackson? Boy George?
Scott: No, uh lemme think.
Jim: Okay, well Bonnie who are your favorite singers?
Bonnie: Duran Duran.
Jim: I see, and what's your favorite song?
Bonnie: From them? Um, View To A Kill.
Jim: And what's your favorite song from everybody-anybody?
Bonnie: I don't know, it'd probably be View to a Kill or, I don't know.
Jim: Did you know that Simon Le Bon had an accident last week?
Bonnie: Yeah, he almost got killed.
Jim: Yeah, I know
Bonnie: That was terrible!
Jim: We were all hoping he would
Scott: That was great!
Seth: We were not!
Bonnie: Is he still gonna go on in that race?
Seth: Now, Daddy tell me all my things!
Scott: What's a yacht race?
Bonnie: Boats.
Jim: Tell you all your things. Okay, what's your favorite food?
Scott: He was going to race?
Bonnie: He's been racing.
Jim: Shh. Would y'all mind holding it down while Seth and I are talking? What's your favorite food?
Seth: Um, watermelon.
Jim: Watermelon? We had some watermelons in the garden this year, didn't we? They were tasty.
Seth: Yeah, they were good.
Jim: Yeah, you like donuts?
Seth: Yeah.
Bonnie: Chicken.
Jim: Pie, and chicken, and broccoli.
Bonnie: Potatoes.
Seth: Ugh!
Jim: Beets, and lettuce and greens.
Scott: Green rice!
Jim: And green rice.
Seth: Ugh, green rice.
Seth: And my favorite singer is the Bark.
Jim: I'd say Debarge, DeBarge. Okay, let's talk about green rice for a minute. How do ya like green rice?
Seth: UGH!
Bonnie: It's yucky.
Jim: You hate it?
Scott: It's gross.
Jim: What's your worst food?
Seth: Daddy, tell me what my-
Scott: Green Rice.
Seth: Daddy, tell me what my favorite song is.
Jim: I asked you what your favorite song was. What is your favorite song?
Seth: Rhythm of the night, dance until the morning light, forget about the worries on your mind.
Jim: I thought you liked Tumblin' man. I'm just a tumblin' man.
Seth: I do, but I like [mumbles] too.
Bonnie: [laughs]
Jim: Okay, cut it off.
Bonnie: Okay.
Third Recording
Jim: Scott forgot to say something, go ahead.
Scott: I forgot what it was called.
Jim: What's your favorite food?
Scott: No, I'm talking about the worst.
Jim: What's your worst food?
Scott: Uh, what's it called, uh?
Jim: Stroganoff?
Scott: Yeah!
Jim: You don't like stroganoff?
Scott: No.
Bonnie: My worst food is greens.
Jim: You like greens?
Bonnie: No, they're my worst.
Jim: Oh, you hate it.
Scott: I like greens, Bonnie.
Seth: I tried them before, but I don't like em.
Bonnie: Scott, you said that you liked greens-that you would only eat greens if it would make mother feel better.
Scott: No I didn't!
Jim: How about greens in a sandwich?
Seth: Aw, yuck!
Jim: With lettuce and tomato.
Bonnie: Yuck,
Seth: Yuck!
Jim: Mayonnaise and mustard?
Bonnie Seth and Scott: EWW!
Seth: Do you like that?
Jim: No!
Jim: With some big pieces of watermelon in it.
Seth: Yeah, I love that.
Jim: Yeah, I thought you'd eat it if it had watermelon in it.
Seth: I'd eat all of it.
Jim: All right Scott, what else would you like to say?
Scott: That's all.
Bonnie: Well on that other tape-
Seth: I wanna say something!
Jim: Go ahead.
Jim: Scott.
Bonnie: Don't try to do that. But Daddy-
Scott: Cut it off, cut it off, cut it off!
Bonnie: Shh, But Daddy, on our last tape we had the whole tape side covered.
The End!