"An Irish Song" lyrics - THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO

"An Irish Song"

As I walked out one May morning
To take a pleasant air
I saw a pretty girl walking by
With roses in her hair
I stepped right up and I said to her
Pretty girl, I think you're grand
She answered me and said, of course
I come from Ireland
I come from Ireland

That's very nice I'm sure, I said
You do the Country proud
But would you like to talke a walk
Somewhere behind the crowd
She said that was a pleasant thought
So we began to roam
And soon we reached a building grand
Where this girl made her home
Where his girl made her home

She asked me to take off my coat
And rest myself a while
She stepped into another room
Which caused me for to smile
She soon came back to where I sat
She didn't keep me long
And sitting down beside me said
I think I'll sing a song
I think I'll sing a song

And so this girl began to sing
In a voice both loud and clear
She sang of dear old Ireland
The Country she held dear
She sang me songs I had never heard
She learned from her mother
And when one song was finished
Well she'd start out with another
She'd start out with another

The hours went slipping quickly by
Till daylight all had gone
The night came all around us
And still she sang right on
And when the morning came at last
I said, I have to go
It's been a very pleasant time
And now this much I know

Ireland has leprechauns
She suffered many wrongs
Ireland has peat bog fires
And an awful lot of songs