"Welcome" lyrics - THE CHURCH


Camus and Tony Curtis and Donna Stone
Harry Houdini and Al Capone
Scipio Africanus and Leon Redbone
And Harold Flowers

Tree Sri Govinda and Snow White
Edgar Cayce and Shere Hite
Francis Drake who also was a knight
And Stephanie Powers

We welcome you

Ponce de Leon and Roger Moore
Richard Egan and Joan Crawford
Henry the 7th and Bernard Shaw
And Gavin MacKillop

Walter de la Mare and Nick Ward
Johnny Thunders and Betty Ford
Lord Jim and Jack Lord
And Prince Philip

We welcome you

Brian Wilson and William Tell
We welcome you
Harry Belafonte and Alexander Bell
We welcome you
Archangel Gabriel and Richard Hell
We welcome
And Tom Miller

You're like a star to me
You see everything
A part of me

Madame Blavatsky and Madame Lash
(We welcome you)
Johnny Halliday and Johnny Cash
(We welcome you)
D. T. Reuter, Ogden Nash
(We welcome)
Magilla Gorilla

Trevor Johnstone and Tiny Tim
(We welcome you)
Milli Vanilli and Root Boy Slim
(We welcome you)
Tony Hancock and Andy Kim
(We welcome)
And Wendy Fuller

Ida Lupino and Joyce Bell
(We welcome you)
Melvyn Basten and Mack Sennet
(We welcome you)
Lucy Jordan and Jeff Kennett
(We welcome)
And Alan Muller