"Woman In Love (With You)" lyrics - THE CRYSTALS

"Woman In Love (With You)"

When I'm all grown up, ain't no baby no more
I can do the things I couldn't do before
No more pony tails, I'll wear my hair up high
Because I'm 17, & that's the reason why


Now I'm all grown up & I'll go where I want to go
See who I want to see, stay out late
I'm all grown up & I'll do what I want to do
Be what I want to be, gee I can hardly wait

Well I'm goin' on dates every Saturday night
And if he wants a kiss, I might say "All right"
I gotta have me fun & I'll be ready to go
I'm gonna go downtown, I'm gonna fill the floor

[Chorus 2x]

Gee, I can hardly wait
[Scat singing, fading out]