"This Night In The City Forever" lyrics - THE CULT

"This Night In The City Forever"

All my friends are drunk
Innocence a flame will I see them again
I dream of dreams to come
An' temples built with love a ronin not a slave

These city lights of fame
Call to me again like diamonds in the rain
Where prophets tag their name
Her rivers filled with shame
Few faces stay the same

Time will never end lords of truth ascend
My scars I'll show again
My fireworks ignite ah spirit now takes flight
And how the glory came

I don't mess around
Throw your weapon to the ground
My witches gather round
They laugh but make no sound

I'm runnin' in the black light
My skull in flame ooh ooh ooh in the night
Pull out your knife pull out your knife

We can make it right

Black skull in flame power and the glory
The glory and the power
We can make it right