"Forever And A Day" lyrics - THE DAVE CLARK FIVE

"Forever And A Day"

Skies have been blue from the day that we met
I tried so hard to please you and yet
My love seems a game to you
Won't you listen to what I Say
I'm gonna love you forever and a day
Oh come back and say I'm yours
I can't do anything to please you, no I can't
Now, why don't you come home to me
And say that you'll stay, ooh
Please don't let my world fall apart
If you're really a part of my life
I'll go with you wherever you go

Now I can't do anything to pleased you, no I can't
Why don't you come home to me and say that you'll stay, Ooh

Please don't tell me that this is goodbye
I'll never sleep, I'll just sit and cry
And pray that you'll come home someday