"The Good Lord" lyrics - THE DEAD SOUTH

"The Good Lord"

Well I pray, every day
That the good Lord'll keep me safe
And I try to hide all this fear built in my spine
Kill a man today, so I can see your pretty face
Until I arrive in your arms

Well I don't know what you're doing
Fightin' in this silly war
You're not a Yankee, love
Nor a gray-back Confederate
Tryin' to keep these slaves abhorred

You were just a simple man
Tryin' to do these things the best you can
Now it's time to come on home
I gotta baby in the oven
That I need to see before she gets old


Well I don't know what I'm doing
Fighting in this stupid war
I'm not a Yankee or a gray-back anymore
I've killed so many men just to kill so many more
Just wanna see my baby before I die
In this shitstorm

[Chorus 2x]

Until I die in your arms
Until I die in your arms
Until I die in your arms