"Beyond The Pale" lyrics - THE DEAR HUNTER

"Beyond The Pale"

Reanimated, I awake, awaiting
Mistakes I shouldn't make, born of bonds
I wouldn't place, had I the choice
On loyal limbs that dance these melodies from your voice

If you demand I fall
How will I evolve beyond the pale of your holy scrawl?

It begs the question of intent to know
Or just observe your sycophants' deference
Have we inherited the flaws of fumbling gods
Too small to stumble on their own, who never grow

If you demand we fall
How will we evolve beyond the pale of your holy sprawl?

What do you say to the suppliant ewe
Suffering for little more than show?
What will you find as you blindly grind
The gears of your invention to a halt?

What better way to know the places you won't go
Than recognizing where we haven't been?
Finding our faults lie, that none can answer why
We ever moved from where we began

Still standing still
Bent to your will
Flawed like you