"The Indigo Child" lyrics - THE DEAR HUNTER

"The Indigo Child"

The Indigo Child
Will be coming 'round again
When she's good and ready to
So keep praying 'til then

The Indigo Child
Will be back before the end
All is light and love for the Indigo Child

She'll never see your faith as a weakness
When she knows that you're fit to acquiesce
And if the mountains will move within your lifeline
Don't move just because you got away
It wasn't your time, better to submit
Unless the truth can supersede what the word of mouth will bring
A light can thread the needle if it's sharp enough to sting
The whole foundation for the wisdom of your crown
Won't mean anything until she's willing to be

The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child

(She will be

Suspended by belief
That her return will bring
An end to the senseless suffering
But if you never get a look past the pages of her book
You'll never get the chance to question why (Why?)
With all there is to gain from bringing evil to its knees
Does she stay away and never even try? (And never even, never even try)
Is there something else that might be keeping her from her return?
Isn't she unafraid to be
The Indigo Child?

(Does she know we're still here?
Child, can you see us anymore?
We've been waiting so long for a favor
Anything for sweet relief
It's been so long, we keep dying)

If you expect to find reprieve past the point of expiry
You'd really better stop to question how
With so many who died before you waiting for the same
Does such belief remain
Devout in the name

The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child

You'll never get into Tower
Unless you're coming from Tower